A Giant Mock Draft – part 2

So, to recap, in part 1 of this look at a Giant Mock Draft I looked at the scenario if the G-Men pass on a QB in the first round and leave that selection to the 2nd round (where i somewhat reluctantly went with Daniel Jones). The result was an ability to stock up in other areas of need, and overall i was content with the picks.

For part 2 let’s look at the scenario which seems preferred in a number of quarters where the Giants go straight in at pick number 6 for a QB. In this model we assume the Arizona Cardinals will dive straight in for Kyler Murray, we’ll set aside what happens to Rosen, and see what drops out as a result of that. Same rules apply as first time with no trades taking place (highly unlikely on the night!).

Round 1 – pick number 6 (DWAYNE HASKINS – QB)
Previously this pick was Jawaan Taylor so we’ll have to improve on the O-line further down. The Giants go with the extremely impressive Haskins, and hope that in sitting behind Eli for a year they can work out the kinks around mobility. This selection makes me feel far more comfortable about life after Eli but the consequence is that the selections from hereon in are different for the most part as players are simply not there in this scenario. The merest change in selections in round 1 can have a butterfly effect further down the draft.

Round 1 – pick number 17 (GREEDY WILLIAMS – CB)
Previously this was Devin Bush JR so I don’t get to improve the pass rush but I do get Greedy. As stated in part 1 you can’t have too much talent at CB and this position is not particularly deep this year so I am getting out in front and picking one of the three CBs who could go first round (Williams, Byron Murphy and DeAndre Baker).

Round 2 – pick number 37 (DALTON RISNER – OT)
In the earlier mock this was where I looked to solve the QB issue with Daniel Jones (like marmite to many in Giants fan community). This time we have solved this with Haskins so I’m going to plug the right tackle gap with Dalton Risner, I like the background on his technical ability and his pass protection reputation is very encouraging.

Round 3 – pick number 95 (ZACH ALLEN – EDGE)
Terry McLaurin was the pick first time around but in this model he was long gone at 95 (I would expect that to be true on the night). So this time around we go get some pass rush with Zach Allen – he’s quick, good hands and lots of variation in his rush – like the value here.

Round 4 – pick number 108 (GERALD WILLIS – IDL)
Into round 4 and here we benefit from already getting Greedy in round 1 and having Sam Beal coming back from injury, so I can look to another position and bring Willis on to the defensive line. Good power and speed and I’m sure Bettcher can work on the technique for consistency which is expected when we are looking for gold at this point in the draft. Lots of promise.

Round 4 – pick number 132 (DESHAUN DAVIS – LB)
Again, we have taken care of D-line so instead of Daylon Mack let’s stay on defines but bring in a linebacker in the form of Deshaun Davis. I love the comments of a high football IQ. Limited size but makes up for it with aggression so I’ll take that along with the intelligence in order to make a difference to the Giants D.

Round 5 – pick number 142 (DAMARKUS LODGE – WR)
Round 5 – pick number 143 (LESTER COTTON – IOL)
In the first mock I took Wyatt Ray and Will Harris here but this time around I am conscious that I don’t have a wide receiver yet and I like the fact that Damarkus Lodge’s routes are very much in the vertical plane. Giants have strength underneath with Shep and now Golden Tate but let’s try to stretch the field with Lodge. Lester Cotton is the only selection which is consistent with last time around. I just love the ‘immovable’ and ‘nasty edge’ lines so I’m willing to take him a pick earlier than last time to make sure I don’t miss out on bulking up the interior of the O-line.

Round 5 – pick number 171 (EVAN WORTHINGTON – S)
Last pick of these 5 rounds and in order to have some degree of consistency I am going to go with a safety, Evan Worthington – then I’ve covered all positions equally in the two drafts. By now anything we get is a bonus and they may not be day 1 starters but with good speed and size and great ball skills would hope there is enough to work with to develop Worthington in terms of learning the role (this is the priority).

So there we have it – 2 drafts and almost all selections are different depending on whether Haskins is taken at no.6. Which way would I lean? Ultimately, like it or not, the success of a franchise depends heavily on the QB. Assuming that, at best, Eli has one more season (barring a renaissance) who would you rather have at QB from 2020 onwards. For me, it is Haskins. Whereas I really liked some of the guys selected first time around (e.g. Devin Bush JR, Terry McLaurin) I’m happier with the overall selections this time around. Then the new era, following the recent upheavals, can hopefully begin.

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