A Giant Mock Draft – part 1

Well everyone else is doing it so why not me? My latest favourite NFL toy on the web is the Draft Modeller on thedraftnetwork.com where you can spend hours ‘mocking’ until your heart is content (and I have) and until the team you follow gets all the players you really want.

Today I selected a 5-round draft where I was picking for my beloved Giants and, without any jiggery pokery this is what the machine spewed out. Couple of things to note – I did not have any influence over what the modeller chose for the other teams and there are no trades to be taken into account. What resulted is something where I, for one, would be pretty with the haul NYG made.

Round 1 – pick number 6 (JAWAAN TAYLOR – OT)
In this model Arizona passed on Kyler Murray and the premium defensive prospects fell like dominoes – Bosa, Allen, Williams, White and Gary. I decided to scenario the Giants passing on a QB at this point, I may do another later where they do go for the QB in round 1. TAYLOR was an obvious pick for me to slot in at right tackle. If we are trying to keep Eli upright and open up lanes for Saquon then Taylor is going to go a long way to helping us do that.

Round 1 – pick number 17 (DEVIN BUSH JR – LB)
I am desperate for NYG to take a linebacker or edge rusher in the first round. I want to see another LT (as if there could be another) or a Carl Banks (ditto). As the other sides picking up players between picks 7 and 16 concentrate on the offense side of the roster I find that Devin Bush JR falls into my lap at 17 and I’m snapping him up. Described as a high IQ player, able to adapt to numerous concepts, I think Bush fits right in to this revamped defense under James Bettcher.

Round 2 – pick number 37 (DANIEL JONES – QB)
There is little doubt that the Giants do need to use a high draft pick to secure their ‘after Eli’ QB. In this scenario I’m waiting until the round 2 pick to pull the trigger, taking Daniel Jones from Duke. Taking into account you are going to sit the guy behind Eli for 1 or maybe even 2 seasons Jones could learn a lot from Manning and there are pre-existing links here which could help in turning Jones into the next offensive leader of the franchise.

Round 3 – pick number 95 (TERRY McLAURIN – WR)
We now have to sit on our hands until the end of round 3, taking into account the loss of a round 3 pick as a result of the 2018 Supplementary Draft pick of CB Sam Neal (injured for all of 2018). This is where I think ultimately reality will not match up with this Mock Draft as I cannot believe McLaurin will still be sat there at the end of round 3. If he is then Giants really should strongly consider taking him. It won’t quite make up for the loss of OBJ but, taking into account the evidence from the Ohio State pro-day, McLaurin would be a real asset to the wide receiver corps.

Round 4 – pick number 108 (JOEJUAN WILLIAMS – CB)
Back to the defense, which does require heavy investment, and you can never have too many quality cornerbacks. As we already have fellow CB Sam Beal from the 2018 Supplementary Draft this would be a good pair of new recruits to the secondary. Granted, looking at his evaluations, there is a lot to work on but then that is true of many CBs making the step up – and this is particularly true taking players from these middle rounds. Still, I think there is plenty of talent in Williams to boost the Giants pass defense.

Round 4 – pick number 132 (DAYLON MACK – IDL)
Continuing in beefing up the defense with the next 4th round pick and it is Daylon Mack from Texas A&M. Like his speed off the mark, and yes it is still raw talent, but I think he can help particularly in stopping the run, while he develops his pass rush methods.

Round 5 – pick number 142 (WYATT RAY – EDGE)
Round 5 – pick number 143 (WILL HARRIS – S)
In round 5 the Giants have two picks one after another so let’s take them together. Again I am concentrating on defense and think Ray and Harris offer good value at this stage in the draft. Taking two Boston College team mates here. Again at this point we are looking for players we can develop who may not be plug and play from day 1 but the raw skills are there. Five of our eight picks so far are on the D so James Bettcher should have plenty to play with come training camp.

Round 5 – pick number 171 (LESTER COTTON – IOL)
I will be surprised if Cotton is still available at this stage come the draft but in my mock there he was, all 324lbs of him and I like words such as ‘immovable’ which are used in relation to this guard out of Alabama. I also saw the words ‘nasty edge’ and that suits me fine in the O-line.

So there we have it, the first nine picks from five rounds. If I am Gettlemen and the Giants front office and coaches I think I would be pretty happy with that collection of picks. I’m giving it a solid ‘B’ grade. Bear in mind this is the ‘not Haskins’ mock so there may be nervousness around Jones but by doing this I think the Giants secure two studs in round 1, one on each side of the ball.
I’ll do a ‘with Haskins’ mock next in order to compare and contrast – watch this space!!

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