Wild Weekend Ahead

So we hit the first round of the playoffs this weekend. I’ve been offline for a week or so enjoying the Christmas break – to recap – things panned out pretty much as expected in week 17 with the Colts securing the last AFC wildcard spot, the Ravens outlasting the Steelers for AFC North, the other divisional seedings staying more or less how they looked a few weeks back and the Eagles toughing it out ahead of a Vikings team which, offensively at least, just ran out of juice.

The wildcard match ups look all set for some tough defensive match ups – let’s have a look at each one with some thoughts.

Colts @ Texans – one a piece in regular season and not much between them in terms of record. The Texans O-line has to keep Deshaun Watson upright long enough for him to find DeAndre Hopkins. For the Colts Andrew Luck is the key and what a comeback year he is having (39 TDs, rating 98.7). For me the pressure will keep coming at Watson so Indy take this 24-20.

Seahawks @ Cowboys – could be a lot of ground and pound in this one with Zeke and Carson leading the charge for each. Both defenses will get to the QB so I think put simply it is who do I see coping better, and that would be Russell Wilson – Seahawks 17-14 Cowboys.

Chargers @ Ravens – a couple of weeks back the Ravens beat down on Chargers 22-10 and I expect no different this time, especially up in Baltimore. The Ravens D all over Philip Rivers whereas Lamar Jackson will continue to be elusive. Ravens 20-13 Chargers.

Eagles @ Bears – lots of D in this one. Both offenses will struggle in the face of it. Think the Bears just about have enough, including the home field advantage which will push them over the top (despite Nick Foles’ best efforts). Bears 13-9 Eagles.

Not expecting many points – let’s see how it goes……..

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