Week 16 Picks

Well the heat is on as we are now into ‘go big or go home’ territory with a number of teams needing to win to keep playoff hopes and dreams alive. Great fixtures on the docket – let’s have a look at the more important ones.
Redskins @ Titans – first example of winner takes all. Titans mauled the Giants last week and I fancy them to do the same here against the injury plagued Redskins (who did incredibly well to grind out a win against Jags). Think Titans roll them over by 10.

Ravens @ Chargers – and they keep coming. Chargers are in but will be looking to take advantage of the Chiefs tricky game (see later) to edge ahead in AFC West. Ravens looking to keep pressure on Steelers to be ‘King of the North’ in AFC. This will be close but the Ravens will look to swarm Philip Rivers to take it by 3.

Texans @ Eagles – the Eagles tails will be up after last week’s victory against the Rams, Foles is on fire again already, and I think Lincoln Financial Field will be up of for this. Fletcher Cox and Michael Bennett will be after Deshaun Watson for sure. Texans looked out of sorts lumbering to a win against the Jets (week 15) after being outplayed by Colts (week 14) and they are stumbling towards playoffs. Eagles by 7.

Vikings @ Lions – how much would Detroit like to play party-poolers here and try to drag Minnesota into the offseason along with them (misery loves company). Don’t think that will happen here, Vikings looked like they got the jolt they needed from the Seattle debacle in picking Miami apart last week. Vikings by 6.

Steelers @ Saints – Pittsburgh will have the added pressure (possibly) of knowing Ravens result (where I’m giving them the win). Saints have stuttered of late but back home in the dome they are going to turn the juice back on to take this by 4.

Chiefs @ Seahawks – similar to the match above Kansas will know what they have to do following the Chargers result. CenturyLink Field such a difficult place to go into and win and Seattle were caught out last week by 49ers, paying the price for a bit of complacency perhaps. If you get after Mahomes he can be thrown out of stride. Seattle close things out here this week as they beat Chiefs by 6.

Let’s see how it pans out, can’t wait!

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