Week 15 (Round up)

Games I previewed.
Titans@Giants (I said Giants by 6) Whoops, shut out, Titans really strong at the moment and still on for a week 17 showdown with Colts (I said they would beat Cowboys – which they did only by a much larger margin than my 4 point prediction).
Dolphins@Vikings – sure enough Miami Miracle is long forgotten as Vikings blew them away, and the Packers could not live with the Bears (both right). Congratulations to the Bears on the NFC north title.
Ravens kept it rolling against the Bucs as I thought they would but the Steelers dug deep to see off the Patriots, which was particularly impressive as they will have known the Ravens had won to keep snapping at their heels, and that both the Colts and Titans had also prevailed.
So went 4-2 this week, not a bad return in this increasingly unpredictable part of the season.

Other highlights.
Gutsy win for the Redskins @ Jags to keep them in the hunt for a WC spot which is also true for the Eagles as they dispatched the Rams – huge win and growing concern that the Rams are running out of steam. Loved the 49ers pinching one against the Seahawks. I have a lot of time for the emerging 49ers and think they will be a growing force in the NFC West over the next 2-3 years.

The ‘What was that’ award has to go to the Cowboys and Giants – 2 donuts – when did that last happen? A harsh lesson for NYG on how far they still have to go and a worry for the Cowboys who thought they were coasting to the NFC East title.

Playoff watch
AFC North – will go to the wire with slight advantage to Ravens schedule (Redskins, Browns as opposed to Steelers going to Saints before hosting Bengals).
AFC Wildcard – whoever loses out in the AFC North and then, for me, it will be the winner of Colts v Titans in week 17.
AFC Seedings – the Pats are sliding but the Texans have to go to Philly next week (advantage Pats)
NFC East – expect the Cowboys to put Colts game behind them and finish out strong against Bucs then Giants.
NFC Wildcard – Seahawks have made it hard for themselves with Chiefs next week but with 2 home games expect them to seal 1 spot. Think Philly are going to finish strong now and may be able to pinch WC post 2 ahead of the Vikings (if Bears make it hard for them week 17).
NFC Seedings – like the Pats in AFC the Rams are sliding but expect them to edge the Bears (just) to keep that bye into divisional round.

Shaping up beautifully and still 2 weeks of regular season twists and turns to go. Week 16 will, no doubt, also bring surprises and I for one cannot wait.

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