And now for the AFC Playoff Picture

This is where things get interesting. For me, the NFC playoff picture is fairly straightforward, divisions sewn up and only 1 WC spot up for grabs with few sides any real chance of taking it. The AFC has more potential for drama in these last 3 weeks.
So let’s break it down, first up divisional winners.
AFC East – The Patriots – forget the Miami Miracle, the Pats have this one sewn up, they certainly won’t slip up again before the playoffs.
AFC South – Houston Texans – 1 more win @Jets next week takes them to 10 wins which I think takes the division.
AFC West – Both the Chiefs and the Chargers have 1 very winnable game left (week 17 fixtures, Chiefs home to Oakland, Chargers @ Denver) 1 tricky game (week 16 Chiefs @ Seattle, Chargers home to Baltimore) and this week they play each other. Though to call but let’s stick with the 1-game advantage the Chiefs have with the Chargers in WC spot number 1.
AFC North – Straight fight between Ravens and Steelers. Baltimore have 2 home fixtures (Bucs and Browns) which I think takes them to 9 wins and the title. Pittsburgh are home to New England and then @ New Orleans and I cannot see them winning either. A week 17 win home to Cincinnati see them finish 8-7-1, and I don’t think that will be enough for WC spot number 2.
We are going to need 9 wins for the final WC spot and it is between Miami, Tennessee and Indianapolis. The Dolphins have to go to the Vikings (L) before hosting a demoralised Jags (W) but the Buffalo Bills will take great pleasure in ending their hopes in week 17 (L, 8-8).
The Titans and the Colts will contest in week 17 in a winner takes all for that final spot. I think Andrew Luck has been amazing in his comeback season – highest career % pass completion and potentially on course to match his 2014 season total of 40 TD passes. It is the Colts for me who complete the AFC playoff teams.
This makes the AFC WC round the Colts @ Texans and the Chargers @ Ravens, with the Chiefs and Patriots ready in the wings. How does that sound?

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