NFC Playoff Picture

Three weeks to go in the regular season and now seems like as good a time as any to break down how I think the playoff berths will be filled, beginning with the NFC.
Locked-in: I think all of the division titles are locked-in as of now, Saints, Rams, Bears and Cowboys in that order in terms of 1-4 seedings. I would also lock in the first wildcard spot for the Seahawks as 2 of their last 3 fixtures are at CenturyLink Field (5th seed).
That leaves us with 1 spot for which I think 8 wins may be enough so we could still see the Eagles, Redskins, Vikings, Panthers, (all 6 wins currently) or even Packers, Buccaneers or Giants (all 5 wins). What a story it would be for NYG to make playoffs after a 1-7 start!
Taking the 5 win teams first, as they would have to win all remaining games. The Giants would have to beat Tennessee and then Indianapolis – both of which are in their own WC playoff spot hunt, before taking on the Cowboys in week 17, so that seems unlikely. The Bucs have to go to Baltimore next week – I’ll stop there (sorry Bucs fans). Remember Green Bay running the table last season to make playoffs? Afraid that’s not happening this year as they visit Chicago next week, fresh off their beat down on the Rams – too tough for me.
On to the 6 win teams – I’m going to discount Redskins and Panthers as both teams are tanking at the moment and I cannot see either of them getting 2 wins out of 3. Therefore, that leaves us with either Philly or Minnesota.
Philly have to go to the Rams (L) and week 17 is against Washington (W) so I think for them all hangs on week 16 where I think their home field advantage against the Texans will give them the win. Eagles finish 8-8.
Minnesota (assuming they lose to Seattle tonight) are home to Miami next week (W) but then they go to Detroit who I think will be trying their utmost to deny their divisional rivals. this would put them 7-7-1 going into week 17 home to Chicago (home and dry by now NFC north divisional winners). Minnesota play for their lives, win, and finish 8-7-1 to take the 2nd WC spot.
That would give us a WC round of Vikings @ Bears and Seahawks @ Cowboys – with the Rams and Saints lying in wait – what do we think? Agree / Disagree??

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