What just happened?

Is it me or do Sundays just seem to get weirder? Just when you think you have seen everything – of course, we have to start with the ‘Miami Miracle’. Great game with the Pats and Dolphins going toe-to-toe but never expected what we all witnessed there on the final play. Shakes up the AFC playoff picture, for this week anyway, particularly with the Chiefs outlasting the Ravens in overtime. This keeps the Dolphins in the hunt for a WC spot but they will need to follow up with a performance against the Minnesota Vikings next week, which I think may be too much for them.
Talking of the Chiefs vs Ravens I was really impressed with Baltimore. Have long associated John Harbaugh’s Ravens with strong running and that HUGE defense and for much of Sunday they gave Pat Mahomes plenty to think about, particularly in the 2nd half. I honestly thought that in OT we were going to see the mercurial RGIII appear right at the end to snatch it for the Ravens but it was not to be. It was a warning though to the Chiefs that they will not have it all their own way in the playoffs and teams playing good defense will have a lot to say come January. Huge game next week in AFC West when the Chiefs visit the Chargers.
Other things which caught my eye from the early games Sunday.
Loving the Browns (are they everyone’s other favourite team?) and what has happened to the Panthers in the last month – is Riverboat Ron running out of luck?
Also loving the Giants putting 40 points on Redskins – can anyone honestly say the Saquon Barkley was not the right 1st round draft pick for NYG??
Impressed with Drew Brees and the Saints and their 4th quarter comeback as Tampa Bay made them work for it.
Playoff picture starting to take shape and I’ll be blogging about my thoughts on that in the next week.

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