NFC L-East

For me there is little doubt where to find Game of the Week for week 14 – the place to be this Sunday is AT&T Arlington, Texas where the Philly Eagles are in town to contest for NFC East top spot against the resurgent Dallas Cowboys (4 wins on the spin).
The Eagles face the Rams in week 15 so a loss to the Cowboys and then Rams would see them facing 6-8 and basically out of the picture. A win for the Cowboys puts them at 8 wins and it looks like taking only 9 to take the division this year with the Redskins and Giants spluttering their way to the end of disappointing campaigns.
However, if the Eagles can walk away from AT&T with a win then it is tied up at the top and game on again with both teams 7-6. The set up is mouthwatering.
There are remarkable similarities on both sides – a clock chewing running game (Elliott for Cowboys and an emerging fund in Josh Adams for Eagles), two 3rd year QBs who can be efficient but neither are exactly tearing it up in the mould of a Mahomes, Brees or Goff), mauling defenses who can disrupt at the line of scrimmage but may be a little soft in the secondary. They also both have identical divisional records (3-1).
So how do we separate these two sides? Maybe it will be who makes the least mistakes? Dallas do have a better turnover differential than Eagles (+2 opposed to -8 over 12 weeks) and home field advantage – although i would say that is not so much of a factor as it may have been in Philly. Saying that, in week 10 Dallas did march into Lincoln Financial Field and walk away with a 27-20 victory but the Eagles have won 6 of the last 8 at Jerryworld.
I’ve got to say I am going back and forth on this one but because of the twists and turns that the NFL weaves in a season. However, got to get off the fence at some point so I am going to go with the Eagles to keep it interesting in the division no one seems to want to win easily – but I do think Dallas will end up taking the title come December.

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