Big D beats The Big E

I love what the Saints are doing this year, love Drew Brees and his gunslinger swagger. I have a lot of time and huge respect for Sean Payton and his creative, innovative play calling on offense (for example look at how they are lining up rookie Taysom Hill in a variety of positions, often creating havoc and mis-direction for defenses). However, I also like an even contest between offense and defence and take as much enjoyment watching Dallas stop New Orleans last week (13-10) as the shootout from Kansas City and the Rams from a couple of weeks back (54-51).
The effort from the Dallas D was intense, restricting Brees to 127 yards and the offense to a total of 176 yards! The work of Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esche was particularly noteworthy. Vander Esche is looking like a steal drafted by the Cowboys at 19 in the first round and the combo of him and Smith at linebacker could terrorise the NFC East for years to come.
What will be of interest is whether, come the playoffs, teams like the Cowboys and Bears who rely on a Big D can contain the possible onslaught of the offensive machines of the Saints, Rams, Chiefs etc. Remember “offense sells tickets but defense wins championships” (Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant).
So – who is looking forward to more match ups of the unstoppable force versus the immovable object as we close in on the playoffs?

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