A Tight Spot

I have often thought that the position of tight end (TE) is overlooked, particularly in these recent times of ‘high-octane’ offenses with megastar wide receivers and dual threat QBs who can pass or keep it and run themselves at will. As a Giants fan I hark back to the days of Mark Bavarro, an absolute Giants legend. If you watch the 1986 Americas Game you hear the tale of him playing with a broken jaw in a game and then missing no subsequent time playing with it all wired up. I was also a big fan of Jeremy Shockey (2002-2007) where he was a big part of our offense (although injured for the Super Bowl XLII win).
I think TE is a position where the Giants are currently lacking something. Evan Engram has potential but he is more in the wide receiver mould-type TE – and with the Giants still having O-line problems more help on blocking would be a bonus. Rhett Ellison has looked more comfortable of late and I think he is helped by having Pat Shurmur at the helm this year (with their Minnesota connection). However, we miss that ‘blockbuster’ TE which I see in a number of other rosters.
I look with envy at the numbers posted by the likes of Travis Kelce, Jordan Reed, Kyle Rudolph, Zach Ertz, Jared Cook, and, of course, Gronk during this season. I see these guys as the ultra ‘dependables’ who always seem free to catch a ball on that important 3rd down to keep the chains moving. They create mismatches in the secondary and are able to act as an additional blocker to help the O-line out in the run game. For me they are right up there in terms of the most important piece of the puzzle in any offensive scheme – and I for one would like to see the Giants add to this position during free agency and/or the draft next year – just look at the impact George Kittle has had as a rookie at the 49ers.

What do we think people? Fans of the TE position?

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